Examples of Success Cases of cost reduction related to the FACILITIES sector (FMS©).


Retail Sector Company scoped at Service Stations.

Initial SituationTargetOur ActionResults
  • Very high maintenance costs (2nd item of expenditure in the Income Statement).
  • Unavailability costs "intuitively" very relevant to the business organization.
  • Without competitiveness between their maintainers (monopoly of certain strategic maintainers with "forfait" contracts).
  • It is defined as objective professionalize this service to maximize cost optimization.
  • Implementation of an asset management software that provides 100% traceability of the performance of maintenance on them.
  • From the Corporate Technical Area it was launched a Pilot Project for advanced maintenance management on 110 service stations.
  • Once completed development goals, it began to make changes in hiring maintainers with superior cost reductions to 10% annually.
  • Evaluation and control of maintenance contracts through KPIs about availability of equipment as well as on the quality of maintenance.
  • Release of technical/administrative internal resources dedicated to maintenance valued at over 150,000 € through automation of all processes.
  • Integration in SAP/SRM and the corresponding automatization of orders and "auto-bill" of suppliers.
  • Reducing costs above 10% and decision to implement it in more than 2,500 installations of its commercial network, both in Spain and Portugal.