About Us

  • DOXSER was founded in 1993 by four partners who had been part of the COOB'92's telecommunications core. At the beginning, the projects of the company are focused on telecommunications engineering solutions, basically installing structured cabling networks and digital switchboards, completely new at that time. 
  • In 1995, the business was enlarged with services based on projects management and technological facultative direction in office removals.
  • In 1998, thanks to the liberalization of the telecommunications market, it begins to detect customer demand for advice in negotiation processes and changes of operator.
  • In 2005, new business lines were marked. Basically the company was focused on optimization, control and management of telecom costs.
  • And in 2013, it turns to innovate with adding new services linked to efficiency and other areas such as ENERGY and FACILITIES, enabling companies to dispose a control global platform and monitoring of these services.